Cool Features


Our tables have a column structure: all values of the same type (absolute, percentage, significant differences) are displayed vertically in one column each. This makes it easy to comprehend the table and copy the data in whole blocks for further processing. All of the classic parameters for analysis are at your disposal: top- and low-boxes, mean, median, as well any other formula from Excel’s arsenal. Tests of significance are available at three standard levels of 90, 95 and 99%.




Having numerous, well-structured cross-breaks is crucial for a proper analysis and an insightful report. We can deliver a practically unlimited number of cross-breaks of any difficulty. If needed, two-level cross-breaks are also possible.









A unique feature of our tabulations is a specialized charting output. This table is formatted with only percent values to enable instant copying into PPT presentations. Besides that, all of our matrices are encoded with special overviews for the simple creation of stacked bar charts. For better navigation, each table has a hyperlinked dropdown menu which enables easy “jumping” to any question and eliminates the need for endless scrolling.



Reasonable costs

The cost of tabulation depends on the number of questions, cross-breaks and the complexity of the project. In the standard case, you can focus on such examples of projects*:


  • 10 questions
  • 2 cross-breaks
  • any sample size


  • 20 questions
  • 3 cross-breaks
  • any sample size


  • 40 questions
  • 4 cross-breaks
  • any sample size


  • 60 questions
  • 4 cross-breaks
  • any sample size
* - Standard complexity, data format and table's structure are assumed. Prices exclude VAT for EU customers (where applicable).

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